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In Mrs. Stimmel's class we have been exploring books and using pictures to retell the stories. Last week we read the story The Little Red Hen. Students used character masks to retell the story and we also made our own bread, just like the Little Red Hen!
Preschoolers in Miss Chelsey's and Miss VanHoose's classes had the opportunity to interact with some chickens as part of their farm themed studies. Students enjoyed the opportunity to pet, hold and feed some very tame chickens. A big thank you to the Pinkstock family for sharing their animals with the classes!
Central Elementary students are focused on WRITING,in Mrs. Gates' second grade class they are gathering information from books and other sources about apples, as well as taste testing them to produce an informative writing. We just keep learning.
Once again the Logan Hocking School District has received national recognition for the energy saving efforts of all employees. All school buildings in the district have received Energy Star Certification for 2016 from the Environmental Protection Agency.
Mrs. St. Clair's pre-school class discovered that two friends have the letter M in their name. We explored the letter by learning the sound and correct formation of it.
Students have been expanding their horizons and using their creativity in their elementary art classes. Ms. Woodburn led students through several colorful projects during the first weeks of school including collage cows, name creatures, Kandinsky trees and self portraits. Our art gallery is overflowing with wonderful student art!
On Wednesday, September 21, two representatives from the Girl Scouts of America came to Union Furnace Elementary to lead students in STEM activities for a portion of the day. STEM is the acronym which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. All students in grades K-4 participated in a 45 minute lesson designed to introduce students to some of the core elements and terminology associated with STEM learning. Students learned about topics including gravity and simple machines. Al...
Mrs. Adkins kindergarten class is learning what it means to match. Students have to count, match, and write numbers, they are learning through inquiry.
On Thursday, October 6th, 2016 the Hocking County Opiate Task Force and 317 Board will hold their Annual Opiate Task Force Town Hall Meeting in the Logan-Hocking Middle School Theater. The meeting will feature National Award Winning Author, Sam Quinones, Author of Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic. There will be a book signing following the event. Doors will open at 6:00pm and the presentation will begin at 7:00pm.
The 5th grade band "fitting" nights will be this week, Wednesday Sept 21, and Thursday Sept 22, at 6:30 pm. Students with last names A-K meet on Wednesday and L-Z on Thursday. C A House Music will be on hand and rental instruments will be available.
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